About Long Spoon Catering

The vision in my head when I started Long Spoon was try to bring people back together through food. At some point in the past I heard a story about a Chinese general. The General was given a group of commanders to fight for him battle. Each of the commanders were head strong and over confident due to past victory. The General knew that the challenge they faced would require them to work together. The General chose to place the Commanders in a room together with a feast between them. The only utensils they were given were eight foot spoons, and over time and argument they found feeding each other was the only option. Sometimes working together is the only way to move forward.

Over time what I was going for, has become more raw than I expected. The fact is that food industry is a booming business and society has become very accustomed to being served. While it is very enjoyable to experience good service and have things brought to you. Having the time and the funds to do so all the time is not always available. There are three main things that allow the food we get at the places we consider to be nice or our favorite, to be so damn good. Practice, patience, and an intense respect for food. I truly believe that all these things play off of each other in a big way and can be adopted by anyone if they’re willing. I love to cook and everything about it, and I get to have fun with that through dinners and events that we throw and are apart of. When it comes to teaching, I understand the importance of slowing down. Doing right the first time means its done right when practiced. The fact that the food cooked in the classes is generally from the farm where the classes are taught gives reference to good product. Good cooking generally goes hand in hand with finding food that’s already good before we put our hands on it. I’m not saying that everything you eat needs to be farm to table in order to be good. But being able to show you what it looks and tastes like when its really good in its natural state, will help when you go out in the world.