Rebecca Verm

Dining with Chef Cade is an experience you won’t soon forget. Elegant and well composed, his food showcases the exquisite flavor of the quality produce and meats he chooses. Chef Cade‘s unique connection to the land and appreciation of agriculture are quite apparent in this regard. As a farmer, it is especially rewarding to work with a chef who is not only willing but able to navigate the challenges of crop seasonality and experiment with new plant flavors so effectively. His meals nurture and leave you feeling abundantly nourished.

Mike Smith

Pastor of Country Bible Church

  I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I was invited to Blackwood Land, little did I know that it would be such a pleasant experience, one that I would never forget. The first thing I noticed was how modern, clean, manicured, and absolutely beautiful the entire complex was. I was greeted by “country folk” who had huge smiles on their faces and the love of God in their hearts. I received such a warm welcome that I felt like I was one of the family.

  I was given a personal tour of the marvelous fully equipped kitchen with state of the art appliances. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Executive Chef Cade Conlon who also had a smile on his face and a professional demeanor, indicating his commitment to his craft. I found   that he is dedicated to providing the best and most delicious gourmetdelights to those he serves. 

  Perhaps the best part was when I tasted the fabulous food that he personally prepared and served. The salad was so good that I savored every bite. Everyone was ready for their entree 

but I was still enjoying my salad so much that I would not allow my plate to be removed. The entrée was cooked to perfection with the perfect combination of herbs and seasoning. I am normally a fast eater but I slowed down because there was a celebration going on inside my mouth that I didn’t want to end. 

  If you would like to get away from the rat race and enjoy a very special country culinary treat, then just hop over to Blackwood Land just outside of Hempstead where Chef Cade is ready to serve you a fabulous gourmet meal along with your favorite beverage, both will beserved with love.

Long Spoon Customer

I have had the great opportunity to eat Chef Cade’s cooking on several occasions; everything from casual S. Carolina BBQ sandwiches, to filets that cut like butter. Though it’s easy to fold to your senses and get lost in enjoyment while eating something he’s prepared, when I come back to reality there are distinctly three reasons why I can’t get enough of his food.

The first is pretty straight forward: He’s talented, and he’s good. It is clear he has spent years mastering his craft, testing and perfecting his taste and abilities. He has full control over the flavors he presents; balanced when he wants it, sharp when he demands, and mellow without even trying.

The second is near a dear to me, and that is where he sources his ingredients. He jokes that his number one ingredient is patience, which as a Texan and meat lover is music to my ears. But seriously, he chooses the produce and fish and meats and spices, meticulously. With intention each bushel of Brussels sprouts, each catch of langoustine, each petal of lavender (for his lavender ice cream… that’s right) selected for quality exclusively from the local vendors he trusts. That level of attention to detail is rare, and it tastes so good.

Finally, perhaps one of my favorite aspects of Cade’s cooking, is that he gently encourages trying something new. It isn’t in-your-face culinary adventure, but it’s the kind of adventure that feels comfortable, exciting, and never stale. I’ve seen people cringe at the thought of Brussels sprouts, and then sing with joy after trying Cade’s. The modest twists and turns he makes do not remove from what I expect, they simply add a touch of brilliance, and that is what makes his food incredible.